Saturday, May 20, 2006

"LIght Their World" gala

Last night we attended the Roseville Rotary Club's "Light Their World" gala. The dinner was very well attended and included a silent and live auction, featured guest speaker Don Shelby of WCCO TV, and some fun things like a game called "Top Hats and Trousers". You had to make a donation to get into the game. This gave you a string of beads. The more beads you bought the more you would be able to keep playing. Then they had all the participants stand up. You were told to put your hand on your head (Top Hat) or on your tail (Trousers). They flipped a coin. If you matched the coin, you were still in the game. If not, you lost a string of beads. If you were out of beads, you were out of the game. It looked like a woman won by being the only one with her hand on her head but there was a couple that still had about 3 strings of beads each. They kept going and got down to the two women with one string each. The one that almost won earlier, ended up losing in the final round. It was an interesting twist on things and I think it raised a lot of money for the "Light Their World" program. The program is a reading literacy program being kicked off by the Roseville Schools, the Ramsey County Libraries, and funded by the Roseville Rotary.

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