Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Job Search has gotten boring

The search for a new job has become a chore and the weather has become nice. In combo, the search is harder. We discussed this in my job team a couple of weeks ago and the benefit is that those that keep at it reap the rewards. The pool of candidates drops off in the summer as people do more to enjoy the weather and that means less competition. I can see it myself. It is much harder to concentrate on looking now. I still have a couple of interviews scheduled and a few positions backfilling the pipeline from there but it is difficult to keep backfilling the pipeline. I had a good opportunity fall out of the pipeline on Friday. Again, it went to ‘internal candidates’. What is with that? Those people have a job! I think I will go for a bike ride and take my mind off that. Oops! That is what I was talking about.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a fluffy kitty to help you.