Friday, October 27, 2006

Only 3 left!

I have made progress on the logogame. I found 2 more. Now I still have the ones left that I mentioned in my last post. The walk through 2 liquor stores only resulted in increasing my beer inventory at home.

I also have made a lot of progress on my job search this week. I had 2 face-to-face interviews and a phone interview. That is about the most real activity I have since in the last few months. Maybe there is an end in sight.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My latest time waster

Those that know me, know that I like trivia. Trying to determine the brand name of a product by a picture of a small portion of their label seems innocent enough, right? Well, trying to determine 26 different American Beers or breweries is next to impossible. I would have included a couple of examples from the game, except that the creators may get upset. The game is on a website called Logogame. I looked at the Hall of Fame for this and only 3 people have completed all 26. I tried a couple of others like fast food and technology. Those have extensive lists of people that have completed them. I was able to complete them in fairly short order.

Currently I am at 21 of the 26 so I only have 5 left to find out. I think a stroll through the aisles at a liquor store or two may help. I still need the first "B" and the "HO" among others.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Using an iMac!?

Yes, this post is being written on an iMac. I was able to rejunvenate an old iMac G3 with a hard drive replacement. What a way to jump into learning the differences between Wintel and Apple! So far there are only the apps that come with the iMac OS X installed on the machine with the exception of Firefox. I had to have that.

There are some differences that I noted right away - first the maximize, minimize, and close icons are on the left instead of the right. They also do not work the same as Windows - but who would expect them to.

This machine will probably not have a primary role in my office. In fact, it will most likely move to the family room and become the quick Internet lookup and iChat machine.

Monday, October 16, 2006

A fine wine from the area famous for wine ...

Missouri. The Friendship School Red from the St. James Winery has a unique taste that I found even my mother-in-law that prefers Reisling enjoyed. It was a very good compliment to the lasagna that was served. Since my mother-in-law likes Reisling, we started the evening with a Torres San Valentin Parellada Catalunya from Spain. The wine is easy to spot as a small white cupid is attached to the neck of the bottle.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

She returns again

The last post talked about seeing my daughter. Since then she has been home and we saw her for a few hours in her college town. Right now she is at the train station ready to board the train and come home again. At least this time without laundry (I think). We will now get to see her every weekend this month.