Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We were lucky

The Hugo tornado went about 7 miles north of our house. Too me that is just too close. Our niece was less than a mile from the tornado path. Her new place had some siding damage and her car was hail damaged. I did a walk around of our house after the storm and did find some roofing damage. I have a attached a photo so that you are able to see the extent of the damage. No one was home at the time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

MS150 plans

No, I am not riding in the MS150 in June. I am however going to be a volunteer helping out with intersection safety. I get to sit at a bunch of intersections during the ride and help the riders watch for traffic. Once they have all cleared an intersection, I hop in my Bug and drive ahead of the riders to the next assigned intersection.

If you are not aware of what the MS150 is, it is an annual fundraiser for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. The bicyclists ride from Duluth to Hinckley the first day and from Hinckley to Blaine the second day. They cover about 150 miles during that run, hence the name MS150. My sister will be one of the riders. You can donate to the MS Society and help her reach her pledge goal at her website.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Semester complete

I just turned in my final project for the Spring semester. The school year is now officially complete for me. Just the wait for the final grade is left. The professor gave us a choice between a paper and a project. I choose the project option, but I feel that I straddled the line a little. I approached the project somewhat as a paper and made use of the web to format that paper. You can view the completed project at my project website.

I do hope to make enhancements to this project including figuring out how to randomize the quiz using only client-side tools.