Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My latest time waster

Those that know me, know that I like trivia. Trying to determine the brand name of a product by a picture of a small portion of their label seems innocent enough, right? Well, trying to determine 26 different American Beers or breweries is next to impossible. I would have included a couple of examples from the game, except that the creators may get upset. The game is on a website called Logogame. I looked at the Hall of Fame for this and only 3 people have completed all 26. I tried a couple of others like fast food and technology. Those have extensive lists of people that have completed them. I was able to complete them in fairly short order.

Currently I am at 21 of the 26 so I only have 5 left to find out. I think a stroll through the aisles at a liquor store or two may help. I still need the first "B" and the "HO" among others.

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