Saturday, March 29, 2008

Circle the Square - Session 4 - March 28

I love my wife. She came home from a conference in Minneapolis and said "Let's go to the Square for dinner". So I got to work on circling the square some more. We perched on the corner of the crowded bar and I was able to have two more punches added to my card. For those of you keeping count, this is 8 total. The first one was from Oregon, Dead Guy Ale. It went great with the shredded beef quesadillas, but was mostly gone before the food arrived. Ok, so I was thirsty. I then told Ef to get me something else on the card. He first wanted to have me go with the Fat Tire but I looked at the size of the bottle and decided that was not a second beer choice. It will wait for a single beer choice session. He then read my mind and brought me the Bells Porter. I am a big fan of porters and this one does not disappoint me.

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