Saturday, August 25, 2007

Winona B&B - First time at a B&B

With a daughter in a symphony orchestra, we have a good excuse to get away. We discovered a better way to stay in Winona. Last school year we were staying at the Holiday Inn. Most of the nights were bought using points earned over years of business travel. When we had to spend real money we looked at what alternatives were available. We never thought of ourselves as B&B people but the Alexander Mansion in Winona has won us over. For the same price as a room in the Holiday Inn we get a wonderfully decorated room in a mansion formerly owned by one of the founders of Watkins. Also in the price is a wine and cheese reception and a 5-course breakfast that is awesome!
Our first time was at the start of the school year and we stayed in the Maid Mary room. It was a smaller room in the back of the house. That night was part of our 25th anniversary celebration. The other guests that night included a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary and a couple that had been married a year ago at the B&B.

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